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Written by The Flower Delivery Company on January 6th, 2015.      30 comments

Love is in the air. Valentines Day is fast approaching and you need the perfect gift to express the love you have for your Valentine..? This Valentine's Day, spoil her, surprise her, and indulge her with romantic bouquets that will wow your sweetheart. It can be hard and stressful. But if you're looking for non-traditional and unique Valentines gift ideas For Her, then look no further, these gifts are sure to have her smiling from ear to ear.
luscious posy flower delivery auckland chocolates-417
Romantic Lush Red Posy
This luscious romantic bouquet includes 5 roses and is complete with deep pinks, purples and red blooms. This is guaranteed to bring a rosy blush of joy to the cheeks of your Valentine. Top it off with a delicious "I Love You"  Choc Bar.
  gerbera rose posy flowers delivery auckland-378
Gerbera & Rose Posy
A lovely combination of Roses and Gerberas, Roses have long been adored for being the most romantic and sensual of all flowers and in the language of flowers gerbera's convey innocence, modesty and purity. Send all the right right messages today.
garden of goodness roses free delivery auckland-692
Garden of Goodness
This softly coloured and beautifully scented modern posy incorporates every kind of prettiness! Beautiful varieties of rose blooms mixed with seasonal greenery create a winning combination sure to impress that special someone. 
  something special ecoya product gift hamper for her flower delivery auckland-965-252-798
Something Special Gift Set
Something Special says it all. The stunning selection of Ecoya gift products are sure to please your Valentine. Complete with a classic rose cube filled with 9 NZ grown 'Something Special' roses.

free delivery banner 2

Our flowers come with Seven day freshness guaranteed.

To make this more special, send your Valentine flowers with a Personalized Card or make it a sweet surprise by sending some sweet Chocolate.

Happy Lovin' !

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you are thinking of the perfect gift to express your love to your Valentine. It can be hard to come up with a gift that is perfect for your gal. If you want nontraditional and Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas For Her, these gifts are sure to have her smiling from ear to ear. - See more at:
Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you are thinking of the perfect gift to express your love to your Valentine. It can be hard to come up with a gift that is perfect for your gal. If you want nontraditional and Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas For Her, these gifts are sure to have her smiling from ear to ear. - See more at:
Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you are thinking of the perfect gift to express your love to your Valentine. It can be hard to come up with a gift that is perfect for your gal. If you want nontraditional and Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas For Her, these gifts are sure to have her smiling from ear to ear. - See more at:

Peace Lily

Written by The Flower Delivery Company on December 18th, 2014.      19 comments

   “I call on the light to neutralize the radiation
        in my body and in my aura.”
white peace lily gift Spathiphyllum plant sympathy flower delivery auckland

"Feng Shui plants?? Have you gone mad!?..",  the response you would often get.
It may seem a bit silly to believe in the super natural powers these plants obtain but nonetheless the Peace Lily is a striking plant with its white sail-like flowers peaking through its shiny green leaves. Not to mention maintenance is a breeze. This plant will make perfect gifts for those friends or colleagues who work way too much for their own good, your mum, your grandma and even for men. The presence of this plant will brighten up and help purify any room or office. Perfect for creating positive energy and good vibes for the upcoming and exciting new year!
I can’t help but obsess over this hardy and handsome green plant. Just looking at its beautiful green and white features provide me with an instant sense of purity and wholeness. The Peace Lily is known to radiate strong vibrations of protection and cleansing which are often used in homes to create harmony, as suggested in Feng Shui practices. The calming essence balances the energy fields within our body and mind, helping to resolve inner conflicts and expand consciousness.
In the psyche it is believed to create a feeling of things becoming right and whole.

Read more :
In the home, the Peace Lily plant ameliorates the negative energies of disharmony and strife that has occurred within the walls of a building. It balances and releases this energy of discord, bringing a sense of peace and harmony back into your home.

Both the essence and the plant help balance our body and our energy field where we have been exposed to radiation or electrical pollution such as the effects of computers, clock-radios, digital watches, T.V., microwave ovens, computer games or any sort of electrical appliance. Growing a Peace Lily beside a computer or T.V. will help absorb some of the harmful radiation and toxins.

Have you Feng Shui'd your home? If you haven't, start with a Peace Lily Plant. Its simple, We can deliver a Peace Lily Gift Plant to you and family today.

free delivery banner 2
Happy Holidays Everyone!

The Flower Delivery Company =)


Floriography - the language of flowers

Written by The Flower Delivery Company on December 16th, 2014.      21 comments

As every flower lover knows, flowers have a language of their own. Every sentiment is expressed in one form or another by these fragile blooms, and as a leading psychologist states;

"Flowers are a perfect replica of human life" . . . . planting . . . growth . . . . bloom . . . . withering. I guess flowers say it best from birth to death."

Just about everyone at some point in their life has ordered flowers. As a florist, I have seen and received many orders. Women now buy flowers for men, men buy for other men, often for their lovers, and men, often shy about it, buy flowers for themselves.

Living in this modern world, sometimes we can forget the beauty and romance nature can inspire within us. Flowers may be silent, but the power of flowers should not be underestimated. It has been shown by scientific studies that receiving a gift of flowers can bring true smiles and positive moods that lasted for days. Also, just having the presence of flowers can lead to increased contact with family and friends. Now that’s powerful.

Here’s a bit of history for you all. Floriography or 'the language of flowers' first appeared in Europe. However, the phenomenon began and spread throughout England during the Victorian Era. The gift of blooms and specific floral arrangements were used to send coded messages to the recipient, allowing the sender to express feelings which were deemed unacceptable and were not to be spoken aloud in Victorian Society. It was during this era where a large list of meanings were assigned to flowers; varieties and shades of flora became imbued with particular meanings. The flowers worked to replace words and flower arrangements served to convey messages.

You often hear that a successful person is not necessarily one with a lot of money and material goods, but rather someone who is in tune with others around them and knows how to touch their hearts.

I can think of no other item besides a beautiful arrangement of flowers that evokes such positive feelings and perceptions for both the giver and the recipient. Check out some of our beautifully arranged bouquets at The Flower Delivery Company.
bright gerbera bouquet gift flower delivery auckland 2-8   seasonal paeonies peony flowers free delivery auckland-789   bright sunflowers auckland flower delivery-625   hydrangea rose posy vase flower delivery auckland-312
Bright Gerberas - Innocence and Cheerfulness   Peonies - Contended life, happy marriage, and good health    Sunflowers - Pride and Affection   Hydrangeas - Gratitude or Apology. Heartlessness and Frigidity
Sometimes it’s the simple things which create meaning and memory in our lives for any occasion. Flowers can bring positive feelings to the dourest of moments and truly help those whom they are given to.

So, put a smile on someone’s face and bring people together with the joy of flowers.



Written by Jenna White - The Flower Delivery Company on December 2nd, 2014.      12 comments


Oh my, my, my! I just LOVE Easter.

I love everything about it…

  • We get to have a FOUR day weekend – enough said.
  • I get to make an Easter Tree (more about that later)
  • There are no ads on telly! Take that insurance companies and banks, you’re not allowed to interrupt Masterchef this week! 
  • My favorite flower starts to pop up and grace us all with its beautiful presence… TULIPS are back in season!
tulip bouquet free flower delivery auckland 2-806
easter egg flowers chocolates delivery auckland(copy)
  • We get to eat chocolate (for breakfast!) and not feel guilty because after all, the Easter bunny left it for us and it would be very rude indeed not to gobble it all up!
  • Hot cross buns are out in full force wafting their delicious aroma throughout the land… Mmmmm.
  • Easter egg hunts are enjoyed by people of all ages (hunting chocolate is the only kind of hunting I enjoy – no wild beasts involved – ace!)

Oh I can’t wait for Easter!

So I mentioned earlier that I get to make an Easter Tree, I do this every year!

What is an Easter Tree you ask?

WELL, when I was little the Easter Bunny freaked me out so my amazing Mum made a tree (more of a branch really) which was Easter themed (like a Christmas tree but a bit scrappier and makeshift) decorated with random bits and pieces of Easter goodies like little chickens and bunnies and then she would hang all the chocolate Easter goodies on it for us so that the Easter bunny wouldn’t have to creep into my room and leave them at the end of my bed. So in keeping with this tradition, I’m nearly 27 and I still make an Easter tree every year. They have gotten bigger and better each year, here is a picture of last year’s masterpiece! 

Pretty rad huh…
photo 4 3
Oh and here is a picture of last years Easter flowers… bits and pieces that I raided from the garden including feijoas and rhubarb seed!
  photo 3 (3)  
And here are some cute non-chocolatey Easter gifts that I made for friends last year… Succulents planted into mini terracotta pots with an ornamental egg…
photo 2 (3)  
And I baked some hot cross bun cookies… om nom nom!
photo 1 (4)
So basically what I’m saying to you is this… Easter is rad. Make the most of spending time with Family enjoying each others' company, creating memories whilst eating chocolate and hot cross buns.

Spread the love and make sure you do some fun and crafty things with the little ones because 20 years on they will remember this fondly and will most likely be doing it with their kids! It’s these times that are most important in life… take some time out and REALLY enjoy it.

If there are people who you won’t be seeing over the Easter holiday but you‘d love to send them some Easter cheer then we are here to help! We have lots of goodies that people and families of all ages will love, check them out here… We are delivering until Thursday April 17th.

Happy almost Easter everyone xx
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Christmas is coming

Written by The Flower Delivery Company on December 1st, 2014.      5 comments

christmas roses red white flower delivery auckland2-315Christmas!                                                               

The most WONDERFUL time of year!  

Oh my I get giddy with excitement when I think about Christmas, there are so many things around this time of year which put a smile on my face! Sunshine, holidays, the smell of pine in my house, Michael Bublé Christmas Carols on repeat, presents and lots and LOTS of festive treats!

Christmas is the best excuse to indulge and spread lots of love to the special people in your life. If you aren’t going to manage to see all of your loved ones over this busy festive season then never fear, we have got you covered!

An exciting range of wonderful Christmas gifts with everything from Christmas Lilies to Gourmet Festive foodie treats our website has it all. We have our classic “Mrs Claus’ Treat” gift pack which is perfect for the flower (and chocolate) lover in your life and other designs which are a thoughtful and festive gesture -  perfect to send to clients or families who you wish to treat! We have lots of gift baskets which accommodate people of all ages – send something personal and thoughtful this Christmas without the stress of having to shop at the mall! We take care of everything for you – with free delivery in the Auckland Metro area it is the most hassle free way to do your Christmas shopping this year. We are delivering up until Christmas Eve so get your orders in and sit back and relax – put your feet up and know that all of your Christmas shopping is done and all the wee elves at The Flower Delivery Company are taking care of everything for you. With so many people coming and going over the Christmas holidays it is always lovely to have fresh flowers in the house, and let’s be honest – Christmas is also a time of year to spoil YOURSELF! Why not buy some beautiful fresh blooms to pop in a vase at home to get you in the Christmas spirit.

merry christmasdreamstime xs 18507648-749

Have a happy and safe holiday,

Jenna and the team at The Flower Delivery Company



Written by Jenna White - The Flower Delivery Company on October 30th, 2014.      8 comments

peony 2
Pink Peony Wedding Bouquet

Peonies. Big blousy BEAUTIFUL peonies! Oh yes, it is THAT time of year again, the teeny weeny window of time (Late October – Mid December) when one of the most sought after seasonal blooms is available, let us get amongst it and join the hyper craze of peony loving people!

Peony-mania is well justified as these babies are knock out flowers that make an enormous impact, the huge number of petals which open up to reveal a bloom the size of a dinner plate in some cases look best en-masse in a vase with no other flowers trying to compete with them because let’s be honest, no other flower has a chance against the mighty peony.

Available in shades of white, pink and red – these romantic blooms are perfect for weddings with their lush appearance and deep tones making them one of the most popular and sought after flowers by brides (Some brides have been known to plan their wedding so that it coincides with Peony season… this is just AWESOME! Peony commitment right there) A soft mix of pink and white peonies can be reminiscent of a bunch of marshmallows - wrapped up in grey foliage with a very feminine and vintage vibe or rich tones of burgundies and pinks are some of the most popular combinations for bridal bouquets.
Because peonies prefer to grow in a colder climate – they are VERY rarely seen growing in the North Island (booooo!) – Maybe true dedication would be to move to the South Island based solely on the premise that you could grow peonies in your garden… maybe we could all migrate? I hear Christchurch is lovely this time of year which is where A LOT of New Zealand’s peonies are grown and exported to us peony-less folk around the country.
peony flowers auckland
So there you have it, not that I needed to convince you or anything but just in case you weren’t already on the Peony band wagon – I hope you are NOW! Go and find your best vase, fill it up with peonies and enjoy the beautiful journey that they will take you on, truly one of nature’s best floral creations and only available for a limited time.
Peony Factofile!
  • They are the 12th wedding anniversary flower
  • Peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor
  • They are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage
  • The name peony derives from paeon, the Greek doctor of gods, because of the plant’s alleged healing powers
  • Peonies will faithfully bloom for as long as 50 years if undisturbed!

                                                                                                                                                  Pink Peony Arrangement in a Vase             
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Sending Sympathy Flowers

Written by The Flower Delivery Company on September 16th, 2014.      14 comments

white green bouquet flower delivery company auckland
White Classic Bouquet by The Flower Delivery Company
If a friend or family member has recently suffered a loss, it can be hard to know how to help or send your condolences. Flowers have long been a popular sympathy gift choice, but what type of flowers and plants are appropriate for such a sad occasion?

Fresh Cut Floral Bouquets, Wreaths, and Potted Plants

One of the most popular choices for sympathy flowers is fresh cut flowers. Beautiful, full of aroma and warmth, fresh cut flowers give you the opportunity to customize your sympathy bouquet. Some of the most popular floral selections include white flowers of any breed, orchids, irises, and lilies are all perfect as bereavement flowers.
Wreaths provide the funeral with a gorgeous reminder of how beautiful life is. Wreaths are often placed near the casket or set as a memorial for those who have passed. A wreath decorated with the loved ones favourite colour or flower are a great way to show how much you care. Traditionally, if the funeral is for a woman the wreath may be decorated with colourful flowers and if it is for a man the wreath will have more masculine colours and flowers.

Potted Plants are an additional way to extend your sympathy. Lasting longer than fresh cut flowers, potted plants symbolize the passing of the deceased in a delicate and respectful manner. Potted plants are often placed next to large wreaths at the memorial. Once the service is finished they serve as a reminder of the deceased. Dark leafy plants with points of colour make the best potted plant gift for extending sympathy.

Additional Floral Options for Bereavement

Although some may find colourful bouquets and arrangements distasteful, they have gained popularity in recent years in bereavement arrangements. Anything from small red and pink roses to bright coloured purple calla lilies have been used as sympathy flowers, so there really aren’t any limits as to what is acceptable. However, it is important to keep the family in mind and to be respectful of their wishes when purchasing a floral arrangement. 

Tropical Wreath in Masculine Colours

The Meaning and History of Yellow Roses

Written by The Flower Delivery Company on September 16th, 2014.      78 comments

Roses have long since been hailed for their beauty and delicacy. Interestingly, each colour of the rose signifies a different emotion and comes with its own set of symbolism. While the red rose is popular in western cultures and represents love and romance, the yellow rose is tied to a completely different set of emotions.

Yellow in most western cultures represents joy, happiness, and optimism. Therefore, the yellow rose is a symbol of these same emotions. Although the yellow rose originated in the Middle East, it quickly became a crowd pleaser in both Europe and the Americas. Its ability to brighten the mood became addictive and its popularity spread like wild fire. The original yellow rose was quite different than what we have come to expect from this beautiful flower today. Over time, the yellow rose was cultivated and cross-bred to have the sweet aroma that it is so well known for today.
Yellow Rose
yellow roses posy bag flower bouquet auckland flower delivery
20 Stem Yellow Rose Posy
In our modern time we have come to appreciate the yellow rose for its sweet smell and vibrant color. Throughout history and right up to our modern era, the yellow rose has been given as a gift to people of all cultures. However, the meaning beyond it has changed significantly, especially in the Victorian time period. During this brief stint in history, yellow roses symbolized jealousy and death. Today, they carry well wishes and friendly emotions like happiness and eternal friendship.

The yellow rose has overcome prejudice to become the flower that it is today, and is regularly given to recipients to represent joy in all its forms. Whether you just want to say ‘thanks for your help’ or want to say ‘get well’ the yellow rose is the perfect flower to send to your loved one.
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David Austin Roses

Written by Jenna White - The Flower Delivery Company on January 21st, 2014.      23 comments

Juliet Close-up(copy)
Juliet David Austin Rose

It’s human nature to smell flowers. You see a big juicy bloom and you think “Phwoar! I bet that smells AMAZING” so you get your nose all up in there and deeply inhale only to find… nothing, no scent no fragrance no sweet smell of ANYTHING! If this has ever happened to you my friend, never fear – David Austin Roses are here!

After four years of negotiating with New Zealand’s Biosecurity team and many trips to Holland, one of the top rose growers in the country – Van Lier Nurseries have managed to bring us one of the most sought after types of flowers worldwide. With their beautiful “garden rose” look and heavenly scent, David Austin Cut Roses are flower royalty and we now have them here in our own corner of the world!
David Austin began to breed garden roses as an amateur in 1947 and founded David Austin Roses Ltd. in 1969 with the purpose of introducing a new race of roses called English Roses. These roses were created from taking old Antique varieties that flowered just once but had big blooms with huge fragrances, and crossing them with modern repeat flowering varieties that were not so multi petalled. He called these 'English Roses' which quickly gained popularity both in England and the rest of the world. Since that time he has introduced over one hundred and fifty varieties of garden roses.
In 1998, the breeding team added the long term goal of developing cut roses, for use in floristry work, with the traits of the English roses - big headed blooms with abundance of fragrance. Some 15 years later, these roses are now just entering the market. In 2010, the UK Newspaper the Telegraph ran a story about the development of the English roses as cut flowers. The title of the 4 page weekend supplement was 'the million pound rose' and referred to the cost of developing the first releases of the new David Austin Cut flowers!
Patience David Austin Rose

There are three varieties currently available; Patience, Juliet and Keira – with two others to follow in the near future.

Patience David Austin Cut Rose – a delightful buttermilk rose. Patience has many ruffled petals which are reminiscent of fine lace. The creamy yellow buds gradually open out fully to form flat, medium-sized, frilled rosettes, each with a classic button eye.

Juliet David Austin Cut Rose - soft peachy shades that radiate warmth and romance. Juliet has large, elegant flower heads in the form of spectacularly beautiful, cupped rosettes. Its unusual colouring and sophisticated form explains why Juliet has become such a highly desirable rose.

Keira David Austin Cut Rose - perhaps more than any other rose, Keira looks like it has been freshly cut from the garden. The colour of each rose is very subtly different, being a beautiful blend of blush pink and cream, often with warm peachy highlights. Some blooms have an irregular flush of pink that enhances the lightly waved edge of the outer petals.
juliet david austin rose posy bouquet peach flower delivery
Because of their soft, delicate and romantic look they are highly sought after wedding flowers but are also equally popular as gifts. One of our top selling designs is our David Austin Posy which is available in each of the three beautiful varieties. With their huge petal count (between 90 and 165 per bloom) they make an impressive impact and their amazing fragrance fills any room with a sweet scent for anywhere between 5 – 8 days.

So when you have a special occasion arise like an Anniversary or a Birthday, why not send some beautiful and luxury flowers - David Austin Roses… they are sure to impress!


Flowers for a New Born Baby!

Written by Jenna White - The Flower Delivery Company on January 16th, 2014.      594 comments

Hooray! A cute and cuddly little bundle has just been born and you want to celebrate, but how?! What should you send to mark the occasion? When should you send it? Who do you send it to?! Never fear, your flowery friend is here to help you out with this wee conundrum!
new baby olive Baby gift flower delivery co auckland 4(copy)
  1. Do send flowers or a gift to celebrate, there is nothing more special than the birth of a new baby.
  2. Send the gift over the few days following the birth, it’s such a special time but it can always be made even more special for the Mum by receiving your love and thoughts as she gets used to life with a new baby, that support is a wonderful thing and she will always remember your  sentiments.
  3. If you send flowers do go the extra mile and have them made specifically for your occasion – a soft and pretty bouquet for a new baby girl, a bright and bold bouquet in yellows and blues for a baby boy, or you could send a lovely design aimed at the new Mum’s personality/taste.
  4. Call ahead to the hospital/birthing centre to ensure that Mum and baby are still there, they may have been discharged and already be home.
  5. If they are still in hospital be sure to send flowers that aren’t overly scented – avoid flowers such as oriental lilies, earlicheer and jonquils which are all highly perfumed – too much scent can be overpowering and there are a lot of people in a small space in hospitals- someone may have an allergy to pollen.
  6. Ensure that the flowers are sent in a VOX – a water-filled portable vase. This means that there is no fuss needed to look after the flowers – Mum can just enjoy them and focus on herself and baby.
  7. If you wish to send a gift rather than flowers then send a quality gift – items that you yourself would use. A nice hand cream or moisturiser, a lovely relaxing candle that Mum can use when she is at home or a lovely hamper of fresh and seasonal fruit. If the gift is intended for baby the same premise applies – send items that are quality that you yourself would use on or give to your own baby. Think natural fabrics, merino clothing, muslin wraps, cotton face cloths or a woollen blanket. You could also send lovely baby lotions and shampoos but again – keep it natural, paraben free with no chemicals or artificial fragrances.
  8. Don’t forget about Dad, he did play an important part in this whole process after all! A nice box of chocolates or even a magazine to read during any down time he might have whilst Mum and baby are sleeping.something special roses MOR Ecoya Product auckland flower gift delivery 2(copy)
  9. Be sure to include a card with a personalised message, this will be a lovely keepsake to hold on to and show baby when they’re older.
  10. Don’t expect to hear the phone ringing straight away with a message of gratitude for your gift. It’s a very busy time for a new Mum, she may not contact you for a couple of days but know that she will very much appreciate your gesture!
Well there  you have it, my top 10 do’s and don’ts of sending a gift to celebrate the birth of a new baby, I hope it helps and also earns you a lot of cuddle time with the new wee bundle!
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The Meaning of Red Roses – The number one Valentine’s Day Flower

Written by Jenna White - The Flower Delivery Company on January 14th, 2014.      5 comments

dozen red roses flower auckland delivery 2(copy)(copy)
When you read “Red Rose” what do you think of…?  LOVE of course! Lovey dovey ooey gooey besotted Valentine’s Day LOVE! Yes it’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so I found it only right that I educate you a wee bit more (because you’re already very knowledgeable and clever) about our very romantic friend – Mr Red Rose (or Mrs Red Rose if you prefer – or even Dr Red Rose if you’re so inclined).

The red rose is one of the most popular and famous flowers in the WORLD! They are the signature flower of that wonderful day where we express our love for our favourite people… VALENTINE’S DAY! A single rose says a lot… “I love you” “I miss you” “Be my Valentine” and sometimes even “Will you marry me?” they’re pretty clever those red roses although don’t be misled in to thinking they can actually talk and say those things aloud… they can’t. That would just be silly.

Roses are typically sold as single stems or by the dozen with one dozen red roses being one of the most popular items sent by Florists worldwide. The romantic connotations that red roses evoke also mean that they are widely used in other lovey dovey occasions such as anniversaries and weddings, the classic red rose posy with its rich colour is one of the most popular bridal designs to this day.
The meaning of the red rose can be traced back many centuries, as early as Roman and Greek mythology where it was closely linked to the goddess of love and became a symbol of deep emotion.  The red rose began to be used to adorn marriage ceremonies soon rendering it a symbol of love and faithfulness. Over time, the tradition of giving flowers as a sign of affection grew, and naturally the red rose became the first choice for conveying the strongest message of love!

Roses are typically grown in green houses all year round with their natural outdoor flowering season being that of the summer months, another reason why they are so popular – they are so readily available. There are A LOT of different types of roses (over 100 species) and even a lot of different RED ROSES! Oh yes, a red rose is not just a “Red Rose”! There are all sorts, for instance here in New Zealand we grow six very beautiful red roses – each different from the next, they even have their own fancy names - Prestige, Red Naomi, Myrna, Grand Prix, First Red and Black Magic, each with its own look and characteristics.

So then… What will you be sending your Valentine on February 14th this year? Flowers I hope! Red Roses maybe? How can you resist! Go on, smell the roses, spread the love and be sure to buy locally grown!
types of red roses prestige grand prix valentines day flowers auckland

How to Make a Simple Flower Crown

Written by Jenna White - The Flower Delivery Company on January 9th, 2014.      14 comments

.....because wearing one makes life that much more awesome! The perfect wedding hair piece for the bride, bridesmaid or flower girl.

Here are the things that you will need:
  • FLOWERS! Of your choice. I used Hydrangea, Limonium, Sweet William, Spray Carnations and Spray roses.
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape
  • Chiffon Ribbon (Not essential)
  • Excitement!
flower crown floral supplies(copy)

Step One

flower crown how to make step by step(copy)

First of all you need to measure that lovely looking head of yours and make your base crown out of Floral Wire  (my head is of the larger size so I2 wires and overlapped them slightly then joined them together with that magical stretchy green floral tape!)

Step Two

flower crown how to make step by step 2(copy)

Now for the fun part! Playing with those beautiful flowers… It isn’t absolutely necessary to wire your flowers but it WILL help the crown to hold its shape. If you don’t wire them that is absolutely fine, we’re here to have fun after all and you might be in a real hurry to become a flowery crown wearing Princess! You want the stems to be about 3-4cm long so you have something to tape to your base wire.

Step Three

flower crown how to make step by step 3(copy)

After you have lots of flowers wired (or not wired as the case may be) you should put them into lots of mini bunches of flowery clusters to be added on to your hair crown, secure them by using your floral tape!

Step Four

flower crown how to make step by step 4(copy)

NOW! Start taping these little clusters of goodness onto the wire that is the base of the crown J Trim off the excess wires from your clusters that you see in this picture.

Step Five

flower crown how to make step by step 5(copy)

Keep repeating this step by adding the mini flowery bundles on top of one another slightly over lapping – if you want a solid crown you should place them closely together, if you would like a smaller and more delicate flowery crown then space the clusters out a wee bit more. Continue…

Step Six

flower crown how to make step by step 6(copy)

Keep adding the clusters and it will start to take shape! Ooooh pretty!

Step Seven

flower crown how to make step by step 7(copy)

Go on you can do it, keep adding the flowers, you’re nearly there! You can keep going if you like and make the whole crown flowery or you can stop half way and add on a whimsical ribbon, I chose the latter!

Step Eight

flower crown how to make step by step 8(copy)

Hook the end of the wire in behind the flowers and secure with floral tape. If you have chosen to do a complete flower flowery crown then you can stop here and wear it like a boss! Otherwise read on for whimsy ribbon instructions…

Step Nine

flower crown how to make step by step 9(copy)

Cut 2 lengths of chiffon ribbon – about 50cm in length each. Tie one ribbon onto each side with a simple but firm knot.

Step Ten

flower crown how to make step by step 10(copy)

Wind and twist the ribbon around the wire to cover it.
flower crown how to make step by step 11(copy)
Then tie it in a bow and you are DONE! CONGRATULATIONS! Put that baby on!


Written by Jenna White - The Flower Delivery Company on December 3rd, 2013.      14 comments



Sunflowers. You gotta love ‘em. With those big happy, smiley, bright faces how can you not?

The name “Sunflower” comes from the Greek words “Helois” (Sun) and “Anthos” (Flower) which is perfectly appropriate seeing as they definitely resemble a big juicy Sun!  The kind of Sun you drew in all of those pictures when you were a kid, you know the one… with the circle and all of the lines radiating out of it, sometimes you would draw a smiley face on it because suns are ALWAYS happy and sometimes you would even draw sunglasses on it to protect it from its own UV rays and to make it look COOL! Yeah Sunshine is COOL and so are SUNFLOWERS! It isn’t a surprise then that Sunflowers are in their natural flowering season over the Summer months, growing enormously huge (The largest recorded was 8.23 metres in height… actually!) and can be commonly seen popping their nosy heads over your fence following the Sun as it moves across the sky.

Sunflowers are one of the most popular and recognisable flowers in the WORLD! Of course they are, not only are they big and lovely and make you smile, you can also eat them! Whoa, whoa, whoa settle down there champ, don’t go chomping on your neighbours sunflowers, just hold up a sec! You know those yummy little seeds that are oh so good for you? They come from Sunflowers, you know that oil in your cupboard and that margarine you spread onto your toast? Yep they can come from sunflowers too! How clever is that?! They are also used in some cosmetics… okay that’s enough Mr Sunflower you’re just showing off now with all of your versatility and amazingness! Everyone wants to be friends with Mr Sunflower, he is well known for attracting beautiful butterflies and chirpy little birdies too, what a COOL guy!

If you would like to grow some of these babies at home then here are a few tips for you…  Sunflowers grow best in a space that gets direct sunlight, they love long and hot summers, and like to be against a fence or wall which provides them with a bit of shelter from strong winds. If you follow all of this advice you just might end up growing the BIGGEST sunflower EVER! In which case you will want to go and give it to your best friend as a sunny surprise and just hope that they have a vase which is 9 metres in height! If they do (they should, let’s be honest) they can expect that if they change the water every few days and recut the stem on an angle that the beautiful bloom will last between 5 – 14 days, over which period they should definitely do a still life painting of them like the post-Impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh did all those years ago.

Right so by now you should REALLY love Sunflowers, so off you go, down to your local garden centre, get some seeds (refrain from eating them) and pop them in some good soil. I wish you all the best in your Sunflower growing future!
Sunflower Factofile
  • Sunflower” comes from the Greek words “Helios” Sun and “Anthos” Flower
  • Native to Midwest and Western USA
  • Natural flowering season is over the warm summer months
  • Vase life is between 5 and 14 days.
  • The tallest recorded sunflower was grown in Germany and was 8.23metres in height
  • The tallest variety is called the “Mammoth”
  • There is a variety of Sunflower called “Teddy Bear” it is cute and fluffy


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jenna hydrangea (2)(copy)(copy)Blue_Hydrangea_Wedding Hydrangea. I LOVE them. Some people say they are “common” and you know what I say to that? “GOOD!” I love commonly seeing them EVERYWHERE in the summer time! Hydrangea ARE summertime. You know when you start seeing them in people’s gardens that it’s not long until you get to go to the beach and eat ice blocks and play in the sunshine! All of those tiny little beautiful baby flowers joined together in one big puffy lovely cloud of a flower that can grow to be bigger than your head! Yes YOUR head! Whether it’s the lovely White or Pink monsters that look like giant marshmallows or the bright blue blooms that are somewhat reminiscent of Marge Simpson’s hair, I love them all!

Do you know how clever hydrangea shrubs are? THEY CAN CHANGE COLOUR! They are the chameleon of the flowery kingdom. However there are a couple of rules when it comes to colour change and that is a good thing otherwise there would be complete hydrangea ANARCHY with you changing their colour willy nilly out of control all over the show. Such rules include: Changing a hydrangea from pink to blue is easier than changing them from blue to pink (clearly blue hydrangea are stroppy and stubborn chameleons) AND White hydrangeas will not and flat refuse to be changed in colour! What is that about? They just sit there all lovely and fluffy and white and wait for wedding season and say “NO –I will NOT be changed! There are all of those lovely brides out there waiting to have me in their big, beautiful and puffy bouquets on their special day so GO AWAY!” Then there are all of the other lovely colours from green to lilac to red to bright purple to ANTIQUE yes ANTIQUE hydrangea which  are AMAZING.
What is that you say? You have hydrangeas in your garden? Congratulations you are AWESOME. You should bring their beautiful beauty into your home; they will really set off that new coffee table you just bought! Once you’ve cut those babies from their big bright green shrubby shrubs you will need to prepare them for life in your vase so that they will keep you company for as long as possibly possible. This method we will call the “hot water/hard day at work treatment”… Once you have your blooms you need to cut the stems straight across and pop them into an inch of boiling water for about 30 seconds, whip them out of the water after this time cut the stems on an angle and put them into fresh water in a clean vase or container so that they can have a good drink and a rest (isn’t that what everyone likes to do after a hard day at the office? Well so to do our lovely friends Heidi and Ranger). From here on in you should recut the stems and pop them into fresh water every few days, if you do this you will enjoy a lovely life together for approximately 15 -20 days. If that just won’t do and you want to live a long and happy life with your hydrangea that exceeds a couple of weeks (which of course you do! Who wouldn’t?!)  then I have some news for YOU! Hydrangea can be dried and kept for as long as it takes for the dust bunnies to take over, rejoice!
So now, when you are out for your evening walk tonight, don’t overlook the “common” hydrangea on your travels, take note of how many different colours you see, how big they can get and how beautiful they are! Life is always better when you stop and look at the flowers, they are after all nature’s way of laughing so hopefully they put a big smile on your dial and brighten up your life! I hope you now love hydrangea just a little but more than you did before you read my love letter about one of the best flowers around!

Hydrangea Factofile
  • Native to Southern and Eastern Asia
  • There are approximately 75 different hydrangea species
  • Available late Spring through Summer. Colours include blue, purple, lilac, pink, red, green, white and antique in varying tones.
  • Vase life 15 – 20 days
  • Special Features: Flower colour can be changed by altering the level of pH in the soil which they inhabit.

Fresh Rose Petal Ideas!

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Fresh rose petals are the perfect decoration for any wedding! They are most commonly used by the flower girl to announce the bride’s arrival or to toss over the newlywed couple at the end of the ceremony, yet there are many other uses for fresh rose petals! Check out our ideas below:
  • fresh rose petals weddingRose petals tend to float which makes them perfect for decorating! Create a centrepiece in a shallow bowl by filling it with water, add small floating candles, and sprinkle fresh rose petals in the water before lighting the candles. Select candle colours that complement the colour of the rose petals and you have a gorgeous and inexpensive centrepiece!
  • Pot Pourri – Lay the rose petals onto any flat surface and leave them to dry. Add a few drops of fragrance oils of your choice to the dried rose petals. Dried lavender is also great to add to pot pourri – it is a great mix for bedrooms as the lavender aids sleep while the rose element is for romance.
  • Aromatherapy - Fill up the bath tub, adding rose-scented therapeutic minerals, and sprinkle the bath tub with rose petals! Therapeutic minerals, along with luxurious floating rose petals, turn an unexciting bath time into a memorable experience! Lie back and feel your stress just float away. For a bit of added romance add some lighted candles to the scene!
  • The bedroom! Rose petals are perfect for creating a romantic environment in the bedroom. Sprinkle the petals in a heart shape or use your imagination & get creative. Light some candles for extra romance!
rose petals romance weddingPopular for decorating the wedding aisle & wedding tables; rose petals give a delicate touch & are easy & inexpensive! You could also decorate your wedding cake with rose petals – just don’t eat them!

There are many unique ways that you can use fresh rose petals, so get creative & use your imagination! You can buy all the fresh rose petals you need here at