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David Austin Roses

Written by Jenna White - The Flower Delivery Company on January 21st, 2014.      6 comments

Juliet Close-up(copy)
Juliet David Austin Rose

It’s human nature to smell flowers. You see a big juicy bloom and you think “Phwoar! I bet that smells AMAZING” so you get your nose all up in there and deeply inhale only to find… nothing, no scent no fragrance no sweet smell of ANYTHING! If this has ever happened to you my friend, never fear – David Austin Roses are here!

After four years of negotiating with New Zealand’s Biosecurity team and many trips to Holland, one of the top rose growers in the country – Van Lier Nurseries have managed to bring us one of the most sought after types of flowers worldwide. With their beautiful “garden rose” look and heavenly scent, David Austin Cut Roses are flower royalty and we now have them here in our own corner of the world!
David Austin began to breed garden roses as an amateur in 1947 and founded David Austin Roses Ltd. in 1969 with the purpose of introducing a new race of roses called English Roses. These roses were created from taking old Antique varieties that flowered just once but had big blooms with huge fragrances, and crossing them with modern repeat flowering varieties that were not so multi petalled. He called these 'English Roses' which quickly gained popularity both in England and the rest of the world. Since that time he has introduced over one hundred and fifty varieties of garden roses.
In 1998, the breeding team added the long term goal of developing cut roses, for use in floristry work, with the traits of the English roses - big headed blooms with abundance of fragrance. Some 15 years later, these roses are now just entering the market. In 2010, the UK Newspaper the Telegraph ran a story about the development of the English roses as cut flowers. The title of the 4 page weekend supplement was 'the million pound rose' and referred to the cost of developing the first releases of the new David Austin Cut flowers!
Patience David Austin Rose

There are three varieties currently available; Patience, Juliet and Keira – with two others to follow in the near future.

Patience David Austin Cut Rose – a delightful buttermilk rose. Patience has many ruffled petals which are reminiscent of fine lace. The creamy yellow buds gradually open out fully to form flat, medium-sized, frilled rosettes, each with a classic button eye.

Juliet David Austin Cut Rose - soft peachy shades that radiate warmth and romance. Juliet has large, elegant flower heads in the form of spectacularly beautiful, cupped rosettes. Its unusual colouring and sophisticated form explains why Juliet has become such a highly desirable rose.

Keira David Austin Cut Rose - perhaps more than any other rose, Keira looks like it has been freshly cut from the garden. The colour of each rose is very subtly different, being a beautiful blend of blush pink and cream, often with warm peachy highlights. Some blooms have an irregular flush of pink that enhances the lightly waved edge of the outer petals.
juliet david austin rose posy bouquet peach flower delivery
Because of their soft, delicate and romantic look they are highly sought after wedding flowers but are also equally popular as gifts. One of our top selling designs is our David Austin Posy which is available in each of the three beautiful varieties. With their huge petal count (between 90 and 165 per bloom) they make an impressive impact and their amazing fragrance fills any room with a sweet scent for anywhere between 5 – 8 days.

So when you have a special occasion arise like an Anniversary or a Birthday, why not send some beautiful and luxury flowers - David Austin Roses… they are sure to impress!



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