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Written by Jenna White - The Flower Delivery Company on December 2nd, 2014.      2 comments


Oh my, my, my! I just LOVE Easter.

I love everything about it…

  • We get to have a FOUR day weekend – enough said.
  • I get to make an Easter Tree (more about that later)
  • There are no ads on telly! Take that insurance companies and banks, you’re not allowed to interrupt Masterchef this week! 
  • My favorite flower starts to pop up and grace us all with its beautiful presence… TULIPS are back in season!
tulip bouquet free flower delivery auckland 2-806
easter egg flowers chocolates delivery auckland(copy)
  • We get to eat chocolate (for breakfast!) and not feel guilty because after all, the Easter bunny left it for us and it would be very rude indeed not to gobble it all up!
  • Hot cross buns are out in full force wafting their delicious aroma throughout the land… Mmmmm.
  • Easter egg hunts are enjoyed by people of all ages (hunting chocolate is the only kind of hunting I enjoy – no wild beasts involved – ace!)

Oh I can’t wait for Easter!

So I mentioned earlier that I get to make an Easter Tree, I do this every year!

What is an Easter Tree you ask?

WELL, when I was little the Easter Bunny freaked me out so my amazing Mum made a tree (more of a branch really) which was Easter themed (like a Christmas tree but a bit scrappier and makeshift) decorated with random bits and pieces of Easter goodies like little chickens and bunnies and then she would hang all the chocolate Easter goodies on it for us so that the Easter bunny wouldn’t have to creep into my room and leave them at the end of my bed. So in keeping with this tradition, I’m nearly 27 and I still make an Easter tree every year. They have gotten bigger and better each year, here is a picture of last year’s masterpiece! 

Pretty rad huh…
photo 4 3
Oh and here is a picture of last years Easter flowers… bits and pieces that I raided from the garden including feijoas and rhubarb seed!
  photo 3 (3)  
And here are some cute non-chocolatey Easter gifts that I made for friends last year… Succulents planted into mini terracotta pots with an ornamental egg…
photo 2 (3)  
And I baked some hot cross bun cookies… om nom nom!
photo 1 (4)
So basically what I’m saying to you is this… Easter is rad. Make the most of spending time with Family enjoying each others' company, creating memories whilst eating chocolate and hot cross buns.

Spread the love and make sure you do some fun and crafty things with the little ones because 20 years on they will remember this fondly and will most likely be doing it with their kids! It’s these times that are most important in life… take some time out and REALLY enjoy it.

If there are people who you won’t be seeing over the Easter holiday but you‘d love to send them some Easter cheer then we are here to help! We have lots of goodies that people and families of all ages will love, check them out here… We are delivering until Thursday April 17th.

Happy almost Easter everyone xx
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