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Floriography - the language of flowers

Written by The Flower Delivery Company on December 16th, 2014.      5 comments

As every flower lover knows, flowers have a language of their own. Every sentiment is expressed in one form or another by these fragile blooms, and as a leading psychologist states;

"Flowers are a perfect replica of human life" . . . . planting . . . growth . . . . bloom . . . . withering. I guess flowers say it best from birth to death."

Just about everyone at some point in their life has ordered flowers. As a florist, I have seen and received many orders. Women now buy flowers for men, men buy for other men, often for their lovers, and men, often shy about it, buy flowers for themselves.

Living in this modern world, sometimes we can forget the beauty and romance nature can inspire within us. Flowers may be silent, but the power of flowers should not be underestimated. It has been shown by scientific studies that receiving a gift of flowers can bring true smiles and positive moods that lasted for days. Also, just having the presence of flowers can lead to increased contact with family and friends. Now that’s powerful.

Here’s a bit of history for you all. Floriography or 'the language of flowers' first appeared in Europe. However, the phenomenon began and spread throughout England during the Victorian Era. The gift of blooms and specific floral arrangements were used to send coded messages to the recipient, allowing the sender to express feelings which were deemed unacceptable and were not to be spoken aloud in Victorian Society. It was during this era where a large list of meanings were assigned to flowers; varieties and shades of flora became imbued with particular meanings. The flowers worked to replace words and flower arrangements served to convey messages.

You often hear that a successful person is not necessarily one with a lot of money and material goods, but rather someone who is in tune with others around them and knows how to touch their hearts.

I can think of no other item besides a beautiful arrangement of flowers that evokes such positive feelings and perceptions for both the giver and the recipient. Check out some of our beautifully arranged bouquets at The Flower Delivery Company.
bright gerbera bouquet gift flower delivery auckland 2-8   seasonal paeonies peony flowers free delivery auckland-789   bright sunflowers auckland flower delivery-625   hydrangea rose posy vase flower delivery auckland-312
Bright Gerberas - Innocence and Cheerfulness   Peonies - Contended life, happy marriage, and good health    Sunflowers - Pride and Affection   Hydrangeas - Gratitude or Apology. Heartlessness and Frigidity
Sometimes it’s the simple things which create meaning and memory in our lives for any occasion. Flowers can bring positive feelings to the dourest of moments and truly help those whom they are given to.

So, put a smile on someone’s face and bring people together with the joy of flowers.



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Steven Angelina says ...
varieties and shades of flora became imbued with particular meanings.