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Fresh Rose Petal Ideas!

Written by The Flower Delivery Company on November 27th, 2013.      4 comments

Fresh rose petals are the perfect decoration for any wedding! They are most commonly used by the flower girl to announce the bride’s arrival or to toss over the newlywed couple at the end of the ceremony, yet there are many other uses for fresh rose petals! Check out our ideas below:
  • fresh rose petals weddingRose petals tend to float which makes them perfect for decorating! Create a centrepiece in a shallow bowl by filling it with water, add small floating candles, and sprinkle fresh rose petals in the water before lighting the candles. Select candle colours that complement the colour of the rose petals and you have a gorgeous and inexpensive centrepiece!
  • Pot Pourri – Lay the rose petals onto any flat surface and leave them to dry. Add a few drops of fragrance oils of your choice to the dried rose petals. Dried lavender is also great to add to pot pourri – it is a great mix for bedrooms as the lavender aids sleep while the rose element is for romance.
  • Aromatherapy - Fill up the bath tub, adding rose-scented therapeutic minerals, and sprinkle the bath tub with rose petals! Therapeutic minerals, along with luxurious floating rose petals, turn an unexciting bath time into a memorable experience! Lie back and feel your stress just float away. For a bit of added romance add some lighted candles to the scene!
  • The bedroom! Rose petals are perfect for creating a romantic environment in the bedroom. Sprinkle the petals in a heart shape or use your imagination & get creative. Light some candles for extra romance!
rose petals romance weddingPopular for decorating the wedding aisle & wedding tables; rose petals give a delicate touch & are easy & inexpensive! You could also decorate your wedding cake with rose petals – just don’t eat them!

There are many unique ways that you can use fresh rose petals, so get creative & use your imagination! You can buy all the fresh rose petals you need here at


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