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How to Make a Simple Flower Crown

Written by Jenna White - The Flower Delivery Company on January 9th, 2014.      4 comments

.....because wearing one makes life that much more awesome! The perfect wedding hair piece for the bride, bridesmaid or flower girl.

Here are the things that you will need:
  • FLOWERS! Of your choice. I used Hydrangea, Limonium, Sweet William, Spray Carnations and Spray roses.
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape
  • Chiffon Ribbon (Not essential)
  • Excitement!
flower crown floral supplies(copy)

Step One

flower crown how to make step by step(copy)

First of all you need to measure that lovely looking head of yours and make your base crown out of Floral Wire  (my head is of the larger size so I2 wires and overlapped them slightly then joined them together with that magical stretchy green floral tape!)

Step Two

flower crown how to make step by step 2(copy)

Now for the fun part! Playing with those beautiful flowers… It isn’t absolutely necessary to wire your flowers but it WILL help the crown to hold its shape. If you don’t wire them that is absolutely fine, we’re here to have fun after all and you might be in a real hurry to become a flowery crown wearing Princess! You want the stems to be about 3-4cm long so you have something to tape to your base wire.

Step Three

flower crown how to make step by step 3(copy)

After you have lots of flowers wired (or not wired as the case may be) you should put them into lots of mini bunches of flowery clusters to be added on to your hair crown, secure them by using your floral tape!

Step Four

flower crown how to make step by step 4(copy)

NOW! Start taping these little clusters of goodness onto the wire that is the base of the crown J Trim off the excess wires from your clusters that you see in this picture.

Step Five

flower crown how to make step by step 5(copy)

Keep repeating this step by adding the mini flowery bundles on top of one another slightly over lapping – if you want a solid crown you should place them closely together, if you would like a smaller and more delicate flowery crown then space the clusters out a wee bit more. Continue…

Step Six

flower crown how to make step by step 6(copy)

Keep adding the clusters and it will start to take shape! Ooooh pretty!

Step Seven

flower crown how to make step by step 7(copy)

Go on you can do it, keep adding the flowers, you’re nearly there! You can keep going if you like and make the whole crown flowery or you can stop half way and add on a whimsical ribbon, I chose the latter!

Step Eight

flower crown how to make step by step 8(copy)

Hook the end of the wire in behind the flowers and secure with floral tape. If you have chosen to do a complete flower flowery crown then you can stop here and wear it like a boss! Otherwise read on for whimsy ribbon instructions…

Step Nine

flower crown how to make step by step 9(copy)

Cut 2 lengths of chiffon ribbon – about 50cm in length each. Tie one ribbon onto each side with a simple but firm knot.

Step Ten

flower crown how to make step by step 10(copy)

Wind and twist the ribbon around the wire to cover it.
flower crown how to make step by step 11(copy)
Then tie it in a bow and you are DONE! CONGRATULATIONS! Put that baby on!


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