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Written by Jenna White - The Flower Delivery Company on November 28th, 2013.      3 comments

jenna hydrangea (2)(copy)(copy)Blue_Hydrangea_Wedding Hydrangea. I LOVE them. Some people say they are “common” and you know what I say to that? “GOOD!” I love commonly seeing them EVERYWHERE in the summer time! Hydrangea ARE summertime. You know when you start seeing them in people’s gardens that it’s not long until you get to go to the beach and eat ice blocks and play in the sunshine! All of those tiny little beautiful baby flowers joined together in one big puffy lovely cloud of a flower that can grow to be bigger than your head! Yes YOUR head! Whether it’s the lovely White or Pink monsters that look like giant marshmallows or the bright blue blooms that are somewhat reminiscent of Marge Simpson’s hair, I love them all!

Do you know how clever hydrangea shrubs are? THEY CAN CHANGE COLOUR! They are the chameleon of the flowery kingdom. However there are a couple of rules when it comes to colour change and that is a good thing otherwise there would be complete hydrangea ANARCHY with you changing their colour willy nilly out of control all over the show. Such rules include: Changing a hydrangea from pink to blue is easier than changing them from blue to pink (clearly blue hydrangea are stroppy and stubborn chameleons) AND White hydrangeas will not and flat refuse to be changed in colour! What is that about? They just sit there all lovely and fluffy and white and wait for wedding season and say “NO –I will NOT be changed! There are all of those lovely brides out there waiting to have me in their big, beautiful and puffy bouquets on their special day so GO AWAY!” Then there are all of the other lovely colours from green to lilac to red to bright purple to ANTIQUE yes ANTIQUE hydrangea which  are AMAZING.
What is that you say? You have hydrangeas in your garden? Congratulations you are AWESOME. You should bring their beautiful beauty into your home; they will really set off that new coffee table you just bought! Once you’ve cut those babies from their big bright green shrubby shrubs you will need to prepare them for life in your vase so that they will keep you company for as long as possibly possible. This method we will call the “hot water/hard day at work treatment”… Once you have your blooms you need to cut the stems straight across and pop them into an inch of boiling water for about 30 seconds, whip them out of the water after this time cut the stems on an angle and put them into fresh water in a clean vase or container so that they can have a good drink and a rest (isn’t that what everyone likes to do after a hard day at the office? Well so to do our lovely friends Heidi and Ranger). From here on in you should recut the stems and pop them into fresh water every few days, if you do this you will enjoy a lovely life together for approximately 15 -20 days. If that just won’t do and you want to live a long and happy life with your hydrangea that exceeds a couple of weeks (which of course you do! Who wouldn’t?!)  then I have some news for YOU! Hydrangea can be dried and kept for as long as it takes for the dust bunnies to take over, rejoice!
So now, when you are out for your evening walk tonight, don’t overlook the “common” hydrangea on your travels, take note of how many different colours you see, how big they can get and how beautiful they are! Life is always better when you stop and look at the flowers, they are after all nature’s way of laughing so hopefully they put a big smile on your dial and brighten up your life! I hope you now love hydrangea just a little but more than you did before you read my love letter about one of the best flowers around!

Hydrangea Factofile
  • Native to Southern and Eastern Asia
  • There are approximately 75 different hydrangea species
  • Available late Spring through Summer. Colours include blue, purple, lilac, pink, red, green, white and antique in varying tones.
  • Vase life 15 – 20 days
  • Special Features: Flower colour can be changed by altering the level of pH in the soil which they inhabit.


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Corey Jordy says ...
Yeah, you're absolutely correct. Beauty has nothing to do with rarity, at times, even the most common things can be beautiful. The were mentioning our ability to call something rare beautiful, some of the most foul flowers are incredibly rare, yet people love them.