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Peace Lily

Written by The Flower Delivery Company on December 18th, 2014.      3 comments

   “I call on the light to neutralize the radiation
        in my body and in my aura.”
white peace lily gift Spathiphyllum plant sympathy flower delivery auckland

"Feng Shui plants?? Have you gone mad!?..",  the response you would often get.
It may seem a bit silly to believe in the super natural powers these plants obtain but nonetheless the Peace Lily is a striking plant with its white sail-like flowers peaking through its shiny green leaves. Not to mention maintenance is a breeze. This plant will make perfect gifts for those friends or colleagues who work way too much for their own good, your mum, your grandma and even for men. The presence of this plant will brighten up and help purify any room or office. Perfect for creating positive energy and good vibes for the upcoming and exciting new year!
I can’t help but obsess over this hardy and handsome green plant. Just looking at its beautiful green and white features provide me with an instant sense of purity and wholeness. The Peace Lily is known to radiate strong vibrations of protection and cleansing which are often used in homes to create harmony, as suggested in Feng Shui practices. The calming essence balances the energy fields within our body and mind, helping to resolve inner conflicts and expand consciousness.
In the psyche it is believed to create a feeling of things becoming right and whole.

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In the home, the Peace Lily plant ameliorates the negative energies of disharmony and strife that has occurred within the walls of a building. It balances and releases this energy of discord, bringing a sense of peace and harmony back into your home.

Both the essence and the plant help balance our body and our energy field where we have been exposed to radiation or electrical pollution such as the effects of computers, clock-radios, digital watches, T.V., microwave ovens, computer games or any sort of electrical appliance. Growing a Peace Lily beside a computer or T.V. will help absorb some of the harmful radiation and toxins.

Have you Feng Shui'd your home? If you haven't, start with a Peace Lily Plant. Its simple, We can deliver a Peace Lily Gift Plant to you and family today.

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Happy Holidays Everyone!

The Flower Delivery Company =)



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