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Written by Jenna White - The Flower Delivery Company on October 30th, 2014.      1 comments

peony 2
Pink Peony Wedding Bouquet

Peonies. Big blousy BEAUTIFUL peonies! Oh yes, it is THAT time of year again, the teeny weeny window of time (Late October – Mid December) when one of the most sought after seasonal blooms is available, let us get amongst it and join the hyper craze of peony loving people!

Peony-mania is well justified as these babies are knock out flowers that make an enormous impact, the huge number of petals which open up to reveal a bloom the size of a dinner plate in some cases look best en-masse in a vase with no other flowers trying to compete with them because let’s be honest, no other flower has a chance against the mighty peony.

Available in shades of white, pink and red – these romantic blooms are perfect for weddings with their lush appearance and deep tones making them one of the most popular and sought after flowers by brides (Some brides have been known to plan their wedding so that it coincides with Peony season… this is just AWESOME! Peony commitment right there) A soft mix of pink and white peonies can be reminiscent of a bunch of marshmallows - wrapped up in grey foliage with a very feminine and vintage vibe or rich tones of burgundies and pinks are some of the most popular combinations for bridal bouquets.
Because peonies prefer to grow in a colder climate – they are VERY rarely seen growing in the North Island (booooo!) – Maybe true dedication would be to move to the South Island based solely on the premise that you could grow peonies in your garden… maybe we could all migrate? I hear Christchurch is lovely this time of year which is where A LOT of New Zealand’s peonies are grown and exported to us peony-less folk around the country.
peony flowers auckland
So there you have it, not that I needed to convince you or anything but just in case you weren’t already on the Peony band wagon – I hope you are NOW! Go and find your best vase, fill it up with peonies and enjoy the beautiful journey that they will take you on, truly one of nature’s best floral creations and only available for a limited time.
Peony Factofile!
  • They are the 12th wedding anniversary flower
  • Peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor
  • They are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage
  • The name peony derives from paeon, the Greek doctor of gods, because of the plant’s alleged healing powers
  • Peonies will faithfully bloom for as long as 50 years if undisturbed!

                                                                                                                                                  Pink Peony Arrangement in a Vase             
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