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Flowers for a New Born Baby!

Written by Jenna White - The Flower Delivery Company on January 16th, 2014.      9 comments

Hooray! A cute and cuddly little bundle has just been born and you want to celebrate, but how?! What should you send to mark the occasion? When should you send it? Who do you send it to?! Never fear, your flowery friend is here to help you out with this wee conundrum!
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  1. Do send flowers or a gift to celebrate, there is nothing more special than the birth of a new baby.
  2. Send the gift over the few days following the birth, it’s such a special time but it can always be made even more special for the Mum by receiving your love and thoughts as she gets used to life with a new baby, that support is a wonderful thing and she will always remember your  sentiments.
  3. If you send flowers do go the extra mile and have them made specifically for your occasion – a soft and pretty bouquet for a new baby girl, a bright and bold bouquet in yellows and blues for a baby boy, or you could send a lovely design aimed at the new Mum’s personality/taste.
  4. Call ahead to the hospital/birthing centre to ensure that Mum and baby are still there, they may have been discharged and already be home.
  5. If they are still in hospital be sure to send flowers that aren’t overly scented – avoid flowers such as oriental lilies, earlicheer and jonquils which are all highly perfumed – too much scent can be overpowering and there are a lot of people in a small space in hospitals- someone may have an allergy to pollen.
  6. Ensure that the flowers are sent in a VOX – a water-filled portable vase. This means that there is no fuss needed to look after the flowers – Mum can just enjoy them and focus on herself and baby.
  7. If you wish to send a gift rather than flowers then send a quality gift – items that you yourself would use. A nice hand cream or moisturiser, a lovely relaxing candle that Mum can use when she is at home or a lovely hamper of fresh and seasonal fruit. If the gift is intended for baby the same premise applies – send items that are quality that you yourself would use on or give to your own baby. Think natural fabrics, merino clothing, muslin wraps, cotton face cloths or a woollen blanket. You could also send lovely baby lotions and shampoos but again – keep it natural, paraben free with no chemicals or artificial fragrances.
  8. Don’t forget about Dad, he did play an important part in this whole process after all! A nice box of chocolates or even a magazine to read during any down time he might have whilst Mum and baby are sleeping.something special roses MOR Ecoya Product auckland flower gift delivery 2(copy)
  9. Be sure to include a card with a personalised message, this will be a lovely keepsake to hold on to and show baby when they’re older.
  10. Don’t expect to hear the phone ringing straight away with a message of gratitude for your gift. It’s a very busy time for a new Mum, she may not contact you for a couple of days but know that she will very much appreciate your gesture!
Well there  you have it, my top 10 do’s and don’ts of sending a gift to celebrate the birth of a new baby, I hope it helps and also earns you a lot of cuddle time with the new wee bundle!
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