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Sending Sympathy Flowers

Written by The Flower Delivery Company on September 16th, 2014.      3 comments

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White Classic Bouquet by The Flower Delivery Company
If a friend or family member has recently suffered a loss, it can be hard to know how to help or send your condolences. Flowers have long been a popular sympathy gift choice, but what type of flowers and plants are appropriate for such a sad occasion?

Fresh Cut Floral Bouquets, Wreaths, and Potted Plants

One of the most popular choices for sympathy flowers is fresh cut flowers. Beautiful, full of aroma and warmth, fresh cut flowers give you the opportunity to customize your sympathy bouquet. Some of the most popular floral selections include white flowers of any breed, orchids, irises, and lilies are all perfect as bereavement flowers.
Wreaths provide the funeral with a gorgeous reminder of how beautiful life is. Wreaths are often placed near the casket or set as a memorial for those who have passed. A wreath decorated with the loved ones favourite colour or flower are a great way to show how much you care. Traditionally, if the funeral is for a woman the wreath may be decorated with colourful flowers and if it is for a man the wreath will have more masculine colours and flowers.

Potted Plants are an additional way to extend your sympathy. Lasting longer than fresh cut flowers, potted plants symbolize the passing of the deceased in a delicate and respectful manner. Potted plants are often placed next to large wreaths at the memorial. Once the service is finished they serve as a reminder of the deceased. Dark leafy plants with points of colour make the best potted plant gift for extending sympathy.

Additional Floral Options for Bereavement

Although some may find colourful bouquets and arrangements distasteful, they have gained popularity in recent years in bereavement arrangements. Anything from small red and pink roses to bright coloured purple calla lilies have been used as sympathy flowers, so there really aren’t any limits as to what is acceptable. However, it is important to keep the family in mind and to be respectful of their wishes when purchasing a floral arrangement. 

Tropical Wreath in Masculine Colours


Harry says ...
I always thought that flowers are one of the best ways to send your sympathy to a woman. Check to find something interesting ideas.
Korbin George says ...
I do have someone I know who's suffered a traumatic experience. The told me it would be a great idea to send sympathy flowers. These floral options are looking pretty great.
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