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Written by Jenna White - The Flower Delivery Company on December 3rd, 2013.      2 comments



Sunflowers. You gotta love ‘em. With those big happy, smiley, bright faces how can you not?

The name “Sunflower” comes from the Greek words “Helois” (Sun) and “Anthos” (Flower) which is perfectly appropriate seeing as they definitely resemble a big juicy Sun!  The kind of Sun you drew in all of those pictures when you were a kid, you know the one… with the circle and all of the lines radiating out of it, sometimes you would draw a smiley face on it because suns are ALWAYS happy and sometimes you would even draw sunglasses on it to protect it from its own UV rays and to make it look COOL! Yeah Sunshine is COOL and so are SUNFLOWERS! It isn’t a surprise then that Sunflowers are in their natural flowering season over the Summer months, growing enormously huge (The largest recorded was 8.23 metres in height… actually!) and can be commonly seen popping their nosy heads over your fence following the Sun as it moves across the sky.

Sunflowers are one of the most popular and recognisable flowers in the WORLD! Of course they are, not only are they big and lovely and make you smile, you can also eat them! Whoa, whoa, whoa settle down there champ, don’t go chomping on your neighbours sunflowers, just hold up a sec! You know those yummy little seeds that are oh so good for you? They come from Sunflowers, you know that oil in your cupboard and that margarine you spread onto your toast? Yep they can come from sunflowers too! How clever is that?! They are also used in some cosmetics… okay that’s enough Mr Sunflower you’re just showing off now with all of your versatility and amazingness! Everyone wants to be friends with Mr Sunflower, he is well known for attracting beautiful butterflies and chirpy little birdies too, what a COOL guy!

If you would like to grow some of these babies at home then here are a few tips for you…  Sunflowers grow best in a space that gets direct sunlight, they love long and hot summers, and like to be against a fence or wall which provides them with a bit of shelter from strong winds. If you follow all of this advice you just might end up growing the BIGGEST sunflower EVER! In which case you will want to go and give it to your best friend as a sunny surprise and just hope that they have a vase which is 9 metres in height! If they do (they should, let’s be honest) they can expect that if they change the water every few days and recut the stem on an angle that the beautiful bloom will last between 5 – 14 days, over which period they should definitely do a still life painting of them like the post-Impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh did all those years ago.

Right so by now you should REALLY love Sunflowers, so off you go, down to your local garden centre, get some seeds (refrain from eating them) and pop them in some good soil. I wish you all the best in your Sunflower growing future!
Sunflower Factofile
  • Sunflower” comes from the Greek words “Helios” Sun and “Anthos” Flower
  • Native to Midwest and Western USA
  • Natural flowering season is over the warm summer months
  • Vase life is between 5 and 14 days.
  • The tallest recorded sunflower was grown in Germany and was 8.23metres in height
  • The tallest variety is called the “Mammoth”
  • There is a variety of Sunflower called “Teddy Bear” it is cute and fluffy


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