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The Meaning and History of Yellow Roses

Written by The Flower Delivery Company on September 16th, 2014.      2 comments

Roses have long since been hailed for their beauty and delicacy. Interestingly, each colour of the rose signifies a different emotion and comes with its own set of symbolism. While the red rose is popular in western cultures and represents love and romance, the yellow rose is tied to a completely different set of emotions.

Yellow in most western cultures represents joy, happiness, and optimism. Therefore, the yellow rose is a symbol of these same emotions. Although the yellow rose originated in the Middle East, it quickly became a crowd pleaser in both Europe and the Americas. Its ability to brighten the mood became addictive and its popularity spread like wild fire. The original yellow rose was quite different than what we have come to expect from this beautiful flower today. Over time, the yellow rose was cultivated and cross-bred to have the sweet aroma that it is so well known for today.
Yellow Rose
yellow roses posy bag flower bouquet auckland flower delivery
20 Stem Yellow Rose Posy
In our modern time we have come to appreciate the yellow rose for its sweet smell and vibrant color. Throughout history and right up to our modern era, the yellow rose has been given as a gift to people of all cultures. However, the meaning beyond it has changed significantly, especially in the Victorian time period. During this brief stint in history, yellow roses symbolized jealousy and death. Today, they carry well wishes and friendly emotions like happiness and eternal friendship.

The yellow rose has overcome prejudice to become the flower that it is today, and is regularly given to recipients to represent joy in all its forms. Whether you just want to say ‘thanks for your help’ or want to say ‘get well’ the yellow rose is the perfect flower to send to your loved one.
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