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Best Selling

White Classic
NZ $105.00
Pretty Pink Posy
NZ $85.00
Vintage Lush
NZ $99.00
Summer Splash
NZ $77.00
Lemon Delight
NZ $72.00
Pink Princess
NZ $107.00
The Rose Garden
NZ $139.00
Spring Tulips
NZ $77.00

In Season

Seasonal Sweetness
NZ $65.99
Elegant Grandeur
NZ $109.00
Florist's Choice
NZ $70.00
Rich & Delish!
NZ $85.00

I can’t say enough about The Flower Delivery Company’s speedy service and the quality of their product. The flowers looked exactly like what I ordered on the website, 4 days later the bouquet was still sitting on his desk looking just as lovely as the day he received it. Thanks guys, I’ve locked you into my web shortcuts :)

Lucy Prebble

Best Selling Gifts

Simply Fresh Fruit
NZ $79.00
Afternoon Tea
NZ $107.00
Luxury Treats
NZ $129.99
Something Special
NZ $130.00

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